Marking Energy Industry Components – Nuclear, Power Generation Turbines

Permanent marking is required for traceability of components in many energy-related industries, including nuclear infrastructure and land-based rotary turbines for power generation. The requirements are similar to some industries in the oil and gas sector.

Portable and bench-top marking systems are the most efficient solutions for these applications, depending on the size of the components being marked. Combo systems offer the flexibility to quickly switch from portable to bench configurations depending on the part size and mark type needed.

Popular Machines for Marking Energy / Power Generation / Nuclear Industry Components:

Combo hand-held plus bench-top marking system

Multi 4 Combo 2in1 Dot Peen Marking System

Multipurpose, flexible tool easy converts from hand-held to bench configurations to mark both the largest and smallest components.

Bench-top part marking system

BenchDot Bench-Top Dot Peen Marking System

Compact, versatile bench-top solution for precise marking of small- and medium-size components.

PortaDot hand-held part marking system

PortaDot Hand-Held Dot Peen Marking System

Ideal for taking the marking system to the part or work piece. Advanced, portable solution that is very user-friendly.

DMwriter MX CNC Spindle Marking Tool

DMwriter™ MX Dot Peen CNC Spindle Marking Tool

Economical, mechanical spindle marking tool that is easily integrated into vertical or horizontal machining centers, milling machines and equivalent CNC machines with a rotating spindle. Does not require electrical or pneumatic input for operation.

Class 1 Laser Part Marking Workstations

Dapra Class 1 Laser Marking Workstations

Turnkey industrial bench-top fiber laser marking workstations that will hold up to your demanding requirements and provide industry-leading safety. 3 Watt to 100 Watt laser sources and many accessories and options to suit your application.

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