Dot Peen Mechanical CNC Spindle Part Marking Tool

DMwriter™ MX

The DMwriter™ MX CNC part marking head is an easy-to-use, economical, spindle-actuated permanent marking device for a wide variety of materials, from hardened tool steel to delicate plastics. Since the device does not rely on electrical or compressed air input or any similar interfacing, it is easily integrated into vertical or horizontal machining centers, milling machines and equivalent CNC machines with a rotating spindle.

The DMwriter MX is a very cost-effective, smart alternative to secondary part marking solutions such as vibrating stylus heads, pin marking machines and other alternative marking methods such as chemical etching, die or roll stamping, laser markers and messy ink printers. Streamline your marking process and save yourself time and money.

  • An affordable alternative to secondary direct part marking – mark parts directly in CNC milling equipment
  • No electric or pneumatic input required
  • Use standard CNC engraving software
  • Mark alphanumeric text, symbols, logos, dates, serial numbers, batch codes, data matrix codes and other graphics
  • Mark straight-line, angled, arced, circular, mirrored or reflected text
  • Use existing machine tool fixturing
  • Most standard CNC shanks available
  • Center distance available in 55mm, 65mm and 80mm – larger center distances available upon review of application
  • Mark materials up to 55 HRc, including: cast iron, hardened tool steels, dense/heavy metals, aerospace alloys, delicate plastics, aluminum and other nonferrous metals

The DMwriter MX has a number of important advantages over conventional marking methods. The DMwriter MX is a spindle-actuated mechanical dot peen marker, which cold-forms a series of discrete or connected dots with precise, low-stress marking force. The device accurately and indelibly marks alpha-numeric text, symbols, dates and serial numbers, batch codes, logos and graphics. Various fonts and character sizes can be marked in straight-line, angled, arced, circular, mirrored or reflected text. The carbide stylus can easily mark in a wide variety of materials. It clearly marks cast iron or steel as hard as 55 HRc or dense material like heavy metal, but just as easily marks softer materials like aerospace alloys, aluminum, other nonferrous metals, and delicate plastics. If you require a pneumatic CNC marking solution, please contact us to discuss your application.

The installation process is similar to integrating a tapping head or angle head into a milling machine. The DMwriter MX can be manually mounted in the machine spindle, or it may be placed in the machine's ATC (automatic tool changer) and automatically loaded into the spindle.

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