Class 1 Fiber Laser Part Marking Workstations

Dapra Benchtop Marking Lasers

Dapra has engineered a series of robust industrial benchtop laser part marking systems that will hold up to your demanding requirements. Optional motorized axes allow for marking of complex geometries with ease. Our CDRH Class 1 cabinet takes away the guesswork as we provide the safety requirements that meet the toughest standards. Our enclosures can be provided with a variety of high-powered pulsed lasers and ship with easy-to-use laser marking software. Their durable design will provide years of uninterrupted service.

  • EQ1 Series fiber and DPSS laser sources, from 3 Watts to 100 Watts
  • Manual Z-axis (400i – power programmable option) or lab jack (200i with 163 lens)
  • Standard rotary options for parts weighing up to 22 pounds (click here to download data sheet PDF)
  • Compact controls
  • Marking head with focus finder
  • Sliding door with interlock (400i) or door with interlock (200i)
  • Viewing window
  • Start/stop buttons
  • Interlocked rear panel (400i)
  • Two standard cabinet configurations to accommodate different laser sources; custom cabinets available
  • Class 4 laser marking solutions are also available

These systems ship with a powerful, intuitive laser software suite that allows you to quickly and easily mark:

  • Serialization
  • Date coding
  • Import logos and graphics
  • Create linear, angular and radial text
  • Data Matrix codes
  • UID and UDI syntax
  • QR codes
  • Linear barcodes

Turnkey system includes: laser source, scan head, controls, embedded Windows™ software, laser marking software, monitor, keyboard and mouse. This is teamed with a Class 1 cabinet featuring a horizontally sliding door that provides a 24" opening, manual Z column with 12" of travel, 12" x 12" viewing window and interlocked access panel (400i series).

Standard Class 1 Cabinet Dimensions:

  • 200i Series Cabinet: 18" wide x 20" deep x 17" high
  • 400i Series Cabinet: 36" wide x 30" deep x 40" high
  • 500d Series Cabinet: 36 wide x 30 deep x 37" high
  • Custom cabinets available to meet your required dimensions

Choice of Laser Sources:

Z-Axis Options:

  • Programmable Z: 12" travel standard with 100 mm marking window (400i series)
  • Manual Z: 12" travel standard with 100 mm marking window (400i series)
  • Lab jack to lift parts to appropriate height for marking (200i series – 163 lens only)

Maximum Part Height:

200i Series Lasers – 200i Series Layout Drawing (PDF):

  • 163 Lens – 110 x 110 mm marking window – max. 7.7" tall
  • 254 Lens – 170 x 170 mm marking window – max. 3.8" tall

400i Series Lasers – 400i Series Layout Drawing (PDF):

  • 163 Lens – 110 x 110 mm marking window – max. 15" tall
  • 254 Lens – 170 x 170 mm marking window – max. 12" tall
  • 330 Lens – 205 x 205 mm marking window – max. 8" tall

500d Series Lasers – 500d Series Layout Drawing (PDF):

  • 160S Lens – 100 x 100 mm marking window – max. 16" tall
  • 254S Lens – 140 x 140 mm marking window – max. 12" tall
  • 330S Lens – 140 x 140 mm marking window – max. 5" tall
  • Rotary D-axis for marking round parts – standard and heavy-duty options (click here to download data sheet PDF); 200i series can only accommodate the standard rotary
  • Custom cabinets – No matter your application, we can provide a custom cabinet solution. Cabinets can be made taller, wider, deeper and much more. We can provide special access or door sizes. How can we help you?
  • Industrial fume extractors
  • Programmable Z-axis – 10" travel, standard; 100 mm marking window (400i only)
  • 2D, UID and 1D barcode readers and verifiers
  • Power doors (400i only)
  • Side access panel for marking long components (400i only)
  • Freestanding cabinet option
  • Steel work tables
  • Optional F-theta lenses

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