Vision and mark verification for traceability - Data Matrix codes and barcodes

Vision & Mark Verification

Reading and verification of 2D Data Matrix, UID, UDI, QR and linear barcodes.

Component traceability is often a key component of efficient manufacturing – and in certain industries can be absolutely critical to your success. Marking your parts with a linear barcode or 2D data matrix code is only the first step. A failure to read and verify those marks can be costly, slowing production lines, incurring additional costs for rework, or even scrapping the product due to the failure.

Whether you need to verify to an ISO standard, industry standard or simply confirm that your code is readable, Dapra has the vision products to give you the peace of mind that your marking is accurate.

Dapra can help you understand vision & verification

  • Hand-held barcode scanners and verifiers
  • Fixed station verifiers
  • Inline mark verification technology
  • Use a verifier to assign an overall grade to a code based on measurements of several quality parameters that affect readability
  • Pinpoint a code’s problem areas when quality starts to decline and take corrective action before it’s too late
  • Dapra has more than 35 years of experience supplying marking and vision technology
  • We are experts in Data Matrix codes and marking to ISO, DoD/MIL spec, ATA Spec 2000, AS9132, NASA and other industry-specific specs
Barcode reading, scanning and verification technology

Dapra has more than 35 years of marking and traceability expertise. We pride ourselves in providing a diverse selection of dependable, cost-effective solutions fueled by intuitive, powerful software and backed by industry-leading training and support. Whatever your mark requirements are, chances are we have hands-on experience with reading and verification for the relevant spec.

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