Scribe Marking

Part Scratching, Engraving

Scribe marking is also referred to as scratching and part engraving. This process creates characters or logos by dragging or pushing the stylus through the material to create a solid, continuous line mark. This is a popular process where noise levels of the marking application must be controlled. Based on material and required mark depth, either a carbide or diamond stylus can be used.


  • Low noise
  • Clear, well-defined marks


  • Slower marking cycle
  • Limited depth, especially on harder materials

Scribe marking is often used on heat-treated components to obtain a light, well-defined mark. It is popular for part marking in automotive production areas with noise restrictions. Scribe is also a great technology for marking nameplates, tags and data plates.

Scribe Part Marking Solutions from Dapra:

Bench-Mounted Scribe Marking Systems

Bench-mounted scribe marking / part engraving system

BenchScribe Bench-Mounted Scribe Marking System

Self-contained bench-top part marking system with LCD display controller. Ideal for marking low to medium volumes of parts in a workshop environment.

Integrated Scribe Part Marking for Production Lines

Scribe part marking system for integration in production lines

InScribe Integrated Production Line Marking System

Scribe marking system for easy integration into high-volume, high-speed automated production lines. Ideal for automotive marking applications, including VIN marking.

Tools for Scribe Marking in CNC Machines

Scribe part marking in a CNC machine / lathe

Gravostar Scribe CNC Marking Tools

Tools for scribing / engraving parts directly in CNC lathe machines and conventional milling centers.

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