Laser Part Marking

Dapra offers Fiber laser marking systems in both Class 1 (complete workstations) and Class 4 configurations.

Marking lasers are primarily used for engraving, annealing or removal. Engraving allows the laser to create a mark that has surface depth. Annealing creates a surface mark only with no depth. Removal is typically used for anodized or painted surfaces that require the top layer to be removed to reveal the substrate – i.e. anodized aluminum data plates.


  • Fast cycle times
  • Clean marks with high contrast – especially logos and graphics
  • Low maintenance
  • Limited fixture costs

Laser Part Marking Solutions from Dapra:

Class 1 Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Graphix Class 1 Fiber Laser Part Marking Workstations

Graphix Laser Part Marking Workstations

Turnkey Class 1, 4-axis fiber laser marking workstations, designed to mark parts and components of various shapes and sizes – from low volumes to large batches. 10W and 20W laser sources. Class 4 inline systems available.

Class 4 Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Class 4 Inline Part Marking Systems

Dapra can provide you with Class 4 fiber laser solutions to fit your production needs. Please contact us to discuss your application.

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