Customizable fiber laser markers and engravers

High-Performance Fiber Laser Markers & Engravers

Solutions for high-speed, precise, deep, high-contrast part marking.

Laser marking systems provide the speed, performance and flexibility to take your operation to the next level. Dapra’s industrial-grade fiber laser engravers are built from American-made components or imported from Europe. Whether you need to mark stainless steel, anodized aluminum, other metals – or even plastic – we'll work with you to ensure you get the smartest possible solution for your applications, regulations, team and goals.

Why choose Dapra for laser?

  • Trusted marking and traceability experts since 1983
  • 100,000-hour laser life for years of uninterrupted service
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Advanced customization capabilities
  • Onsite consultation, installation, training and support
  • Experienced provider of reading and verification solutions for 2D symbologies
  • Class 1, Class 4, fully integrated and OEM solutions are available
  • Q-switched and MOPA fiber laser sources from 20 Watts to 100 Watts, plus galvo-based CO2 options
  • Economical, dependable European fiber laser offerings are available
  • Powerful, intuitive Windows software included with every system
Industrial laser marker for stainless steel, aluminum and more
Laser engravers for text, logos, data matrix codes, serial numbers and much more

What can you do with a Dapra laser marker?

Deep engraving metal with a fiber laser marker

Deep Engraving

Deep engrave in excess of .004” deep, whether you are working with hardened or stainless steel, anodized aluminum, copper, or precious metals.

Laser annealing for smooth, high-contrast heat marks

High-Contrast Annealing

Create high-contrast annealed/heat marks with no metal surface disruption. Mark all grades of stainless steel, Inconel and titanium – without any mark depth.

Laser annealing for smooth, high-contrast heat marks

Raised Marking

Create "raised" marks by removing the material around the text, code or graphic, rather than engraving the mark into the part.

Fast, high-contrast anodized aluminum data plate marking

Anodized Aluminum Marking

Create crisp, high-contrast marks on anodized aluminum items, including data plates, in less than 10 seconds.

Fiber Laser Part Marking Configurations

Class 1 fiber laser marking cabinet

Class 1 Safety Enclosures

  • OSHA regulation compliance
  • Operator safe with Class 1 rating
  • Interlocked door for safety
  • Safe for use in busy areas
  • Laser-safe viewing windows
Class 4 open-style fiber laser marking configuration

Class 4 Open-Style

  • Lower cost without a cabinet
  • Versatile – no limit to size of parts, not encumbered by cabinet
  • Faster overall cycle time with no door to open and close
  • Full 360-degree access
  • Easily view part being marked
  • Smaller footprint
Together, we'll determine the best laser marking solution for your application.

Dapra has more than 35 years of marking and traceability expertise. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive, cost-effective solutions fueled by intuitive, powerful software and backed by industry-leading training and support.

If you're looking for a partner who will take the time to discuss your application, set you up with the best technology for the job, and support you from installation to training and ongoing tech support, you've come to the right place. Contact us using this form for a free application review, system demo or marked sample. Or, click here to find your local sales rep.

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