Custom-Engineered Part Marking Fixtures & Tooling

Custom fixtures & tooling for efficient marking of unique parts

With more than 30 years of direct part marking experience, Dapra understands that marking requirements and production processes are as unique as the end products themselves. Serving North American manufacturers across many industries, our extensive applications knowledge and proven expertise can help customers succeed with comprehensive, cost-effective direct part marking solutions. We have the capability to help you define your system requirements and offer recommendations on how to achieve higher performance at a lower cost and increase productivity.

For unique marking requirements, custom marking fixtures and tooling solutions can often make the difference in ensuring that parts are properly presented and secured so that marking and cycle time requirements are met. Dapra's engineering team has extensive experience in designing and building custom tooling to allow you to efficiently mark unique parts. Here are some examples of custom part marking fixtures that are featured in the gallery on this page:

  • Bar End Marker – Portable marking head fixture for a job shop to mark the ends of bar stock for inventory and tracking purposes.
  • Custom Tag Marking Fixture – Ensures that a specific custom tag size is always held in the same location for marking.
  • Elbow Fixture – Custom fixture holds an elbow for an aircraft engine tube assembly in place for accurate marking.
  • Firewall VIN Marking Fixture – Custom locator clamps a portable marking head to a vehicle firewall to mark VIN numbers.
  • Tube ID Marking Fixture – Custom portable marking head locator for an oil industry customer to mark on the ID of tubes.
  • Pipe Flange Marking Guide – Locator allows the operator to roll a portable marking head around the edge of a pipe flange while marking.
  • Rotary Axis with Collet Chuck – A 5C collet chuck with pneumatic collet closer was incorporated into a 3rd-axis rotary fixture.
  • Rectangular Tube Marking Support – Fixture/locator clamps a portable marking head to the rectanglar tube of an ATV frame.
  • Tube Locator Clamp – A custom clamping locator secures a tube/pipe for easy marking with a portable head.

Also available from Dapra:

A wide variety of standard and modified marking system accessories is also available, including:

  • Rotary devices for marking round parts
  • Scribe or drag attachments for solid line marking
  • Deep marking attachments
  • Tag/label feeding attachments for marking on blank or preformatted tags

Dapra also offers a variety of out-of-the-box integrated/inline marking solutions for automated production lines and other manufacturing processes.

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