Oil & Gas (Downhole) Direct Part Marking & Traceability Solutions

Dapra Marking offers a variety of laser solutions and dot peen systems for fast, deep, permanent marking of oil and gas parts requiring traceability. This includes downhole components and parts such as valves, pumps, casings, completion tooling, couplings, sucker rod couplings, pipes, tubing, tubing anchors and flanges.

Our laser and dot peen marks stand up to the harsh environmental conditions often faced by the oil and gas industry. These heavy-duty, reliable and easy-to-use marking machines are a great alternative to traditional hand stamping. They can provide deep marks on flat, round, irregular and rough surfaces.

Laser marking systems are now being implemented on a wide-scale basis due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly, require no consumables, and provide years of uninterrupted service. We offer a wide variety of Class 1 cabinet-based workstations and open-style Class 4 laser solutions up to 100 watts.

Combination dot peen systems that can be quickly changed from bench to portable gun configuration are ideal for oil and gas direct part marking since part sizes vary significantly. Off-the-shelf and custom fixtures are available for the efficient, reliable marking of pipes, tubes and drill bits.

Deep, Permanent Marking of Oil & Gas Components:

  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Casings
  • Completion tooling
  • Couplings, sucker rod couplings
  • Pipes, tubing and flanges
  • Drill bits
  • Bumper subs and shakers

Popular Machines for Oil & Gas Part Marking:

Fiber Laser Marking Solutions

Dot Peen Marking Systems

Integrated/Inline Marking Solutions

Integrated/inline marking solutions

A variety of solutions are available for marking parts directly in automated production lines, robotic cells and custom-engineered systems.

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