Firearms engraving for ATF requirements with a fiber laser marker

Firearms Engraving with Fiber Laser Markers

Tackle your ATF marking and serialization requirements.

Fiber laser engravers are the perfect tool for compliance with strict ATF National Firearms Act (NFA) requirements for firearms marking. Our lasers give you the power to engrave serial numbers and other identifying information, with intuitive software that makes serialization a breeze. We’ll get you up and running quickly with an economical, reliable, easy-to-use marking solution that fits your budget and marking requirements.

Why choose a Dapra firearms engraver?

  • Engrave before or after anodizing, Cerakote processing or other custom coating
  • Makes data matrix code marking for UID/MIL Spec 130 compliance a breeze
  • Great for decorative engraving and firearm customization, including logos and other artwork
  • Mark stainless steel, cast/forged steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, iron, brass – even plastic
  • Large safety cabinets and open configurations make it easy to mark rifles and other large items
  • Easy-to-use software included with every system to get you started quickly marking text, logos, data matrix and QR codes, and much more; easy serialization and data import options
  • Dapra is a vision and verification expert
  • Onsite and virtual consultation, installation, training and support
Laser engraver for handguns and firearms
Mark guns, rifles, automatic weapons, pistols and other firearms to ATF specifications
  • Assault rifles, automatic weapons, rifles, pistols, handguns and other firearms
  • Frame, receiver, barrel, pistol slide, sight rails
  • Silencer tubes, adapters and end caps
  • Gun parts, ammo clips/magazines, holsters and military weapon subassemblies

Check out our laser's deep engraving capabilities

Deep engraving assault rifle lower receiver

Resources for ATF firearms marking:

If you're looking for a partner who truly understands ATF firearms marking standards and will take the time to discuss your application, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important for us to understand your needs so we can provide the best technology. Once we’ve sold a system, we will be there to support you from installation to training and ongoing tech support. We’ve been providing quality marking and traceability systems since 1983 – how can we help you? Contact us using this form for a free marked sample or system demo. Or, click here to find your local sales rep.

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