Hand-Held, Portable Dot Peen Part Marking Machines

Pryor PortaDot – 4000 P Series

The PortaDot is a fully programmable, portable dot peen direct part marking system that is ideal for accurately marking text, symbols and Data Matrix codes on large, heavy or immobile parts or components that cannot be easily marked at a fixed station. A robust, lightweight design allows this hand-held system to be used by anyone in a manufacturing environment. It is an ideal replacement for hand stamping and reduces marking-related injuries.

  • Portable, lightweight and durable solution for permanent part marking
  • 2 marking window sizes available: 50 x 25mm (2” x 1”), 130 x 30mm (5-1/8” x 1-1/8”)
  • Power/configurations: electric; USB; E BA; EH; EH BA; or deep pneumatic
  • Self contained and fully programmable with large storage capacity; no external PC required
  • Many mounting and fixturing options available for easy moving, storage, etc.
  • Regrindable carbide stylus for permanent part marking (up to 65 Rc) on a wide range of materials
  • Precise, electromechanical operation – no air required
  • Linear, angular and circular (arced) marking formats
  • Pryor 4000 Controller features a full-color, resistive, industrial-grade touch screen; USB keyboard can be connected
  • Controller offers USB memory stick interface to transfer layouts, configuration, firmware and other data and logo files
  • Dual RS-232 serial ports, digital I/O interface
  • Automatic serialization and variable data insertion; time/date/shift codes; part counters
  • Integrated lighting system (model 130-30)

Complete system includes marking head with flat locating pad, 4000 series controller with handle, marking head cable (9.8 ft. standard), keyboard (PS2 style), V-locating pad for round parts and embedded operating system.

  • Dot Mark output styles: 5 x 7, 7 x 9, Varidot, 2D Data Matrix, HPGL, BMP Logos
  • Memory Capacity: 1350 layouts (LCD)
  • 4000 Controller dimensions: 12.2" x 13.3" x 6.9" (310 x 339 x 175mm) (W x D x H)
  • 4000 Controller weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)
  • Power supply: AC Input 50/60Hz; 100-240 VAC (optional battery-powered controller available)

Model 50-25

  • Marking window: 2" x 1" (50 x 25mm)
  • Standard character sizes: 0.19mm - 49.9mm in increments of 0.19mm (5x7 font) or 0.25mm (7x9 font)
  • Dimensions (marking head): 9.6" H x 6.9" W x 8.4" L (245 x 176 x 214mm)
  • Weight (marking head/cable): 5.1 lbs. (2.3 kg)
  • Drive mechanism: lead screw

Model 130-30

  • Marking window: 5-1/8" x 1-18" (50 x 25mm)
  • Standard character sizes: 0.09mm - 129.9mm in increments of 0.09mm (5x7 font) or 0.13mm (7x9 font)
  • Dimensions (marking head): 9.4" H x 8.7" W x 6.8" L (238 x 220 x 173mm)
  • Weight (marking head/cable): 11 lbs. (5 kg)
  • Drive mechanism: belt driven
  • Flat X/Y movement with no pivoting axis for consistent marking depth
  • Integrated lighting system; automatically actuated with motion sensor
  • Two stationary motors for higher acceleration, speed and accuracy – with no motor cable fatigue failures
  • Built-in V-mask on both the X and Y axes for easy marking of curved surfaces
  • Data Matrix encode software
  • Win2068 NIMUE, Windows™-based marking software
  • Custom locating fixtures and custom engineering
  • Custom software
  • Column, base, and adapter for using as a bench-mounted system
  • Industrial cart designed for holding and transporting to various locations
  • Battery-powered operation

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