Vibro Peen Part Marking Systems

Vibro or vibro peen part marking is typically created by a pneumatically actuated machine or device. Unlike dot peen – where the dot placement is controlled – with vibro or vibropeen marking, the dots are positioned based on velocity of the X/Y movement and oscillation of the stylus. Most vibro peen marks are contiguous line characters. Vibropeen marks can also be created on dot peen machines by creating contiguous dots that form a solid line and programming the interdot spacing.

Some specifications may refer to this method as Vibration Peen Mechanical or Vibro Peen Controlled.


  • Easy to use
  • High-speed marking


  • Inconsistent depth, poor legibility and inconsistent size are typical
  • Not considered low-stress marking
  • Manual mode and some machine configurations do not offer control of the number of dots in the character

Vibro Peen Part Marking Solutions from Dapra:

Pryor Pneumatic Vibro Peen Marking Systems:

Fast pneumatic integrated production line vibro marking solution

InDot Fast Pneumatic Integrated Production Line Vibro Marking Solution

Pneumatically powered, high-speed vibro peen marking solution for easy integration into automated production lines.

High-frequency pneumatic bench-mounted vibro marking system

Maxim III PHF – Pneumatic High-Frequency Bench Marking System

Compact pneumatically powered, high-frequency benchtop vibro marking solution for deeper marks and marking uneven surfaces.

Gravostar CNC Machine / Lathe Vibro Peen Part Marking Tools:

Vibropeen CNC lathe / machine part marking tools

Vibro Peen CNC Machine / Lathe Part Marking Tools

Pneumatic or coolant-driven tools for vibro part marking directly within a CNC machining center, lathe, etc.

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