Data matrix code marking machines

Data Matrix Code Marking, Reading & Verification

Generate, mark and scan machine-readable 2D codes for part ID and tracking.

Data matrix codes are an essential tool for manufacturers encoding traceability data, but marking a clean, easily readable 2D barcode to meet your target spec can be a challenge under many real-world circumstances.

Need to mark to GS1 data matrix spec or international ISO/IEC 15415 or 16022 standards? Unsure of what ECC 200 is and why it matters? Want to get set up to satisfy SAE AS478, MIL-STD-130, ATA Spec 2000, AS9132 or NASA traceability specs? Or understand what it takes to support major manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing and Airbus? We've seen it all!

We have decades of experience helping manufacturers in the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, and medical industries mark data matrix codes to demanding industry specs. Whether you are just getting started with data matrix or have to create high-contrast marks on a challenging material or uneven surface, we can help – from generating the code with easy-to-use software, to selecting the best technology to lay down the mark, to vision solutions for 2D code reading and verification.

Industrial part markers and data matrix code readers and scanners

Data matrix code marking & reading technologies

Fiber laser engravers for data matrix codes

Fiber Laser

  • Precise, high-speed, repeatable marking
  • Create high-contrast marks on virtually any metal and most plastics, including anodized and surface-treated materials
  • Great for cleaning part surfaces to prepare for a clear code mark
  • Capable of deep engraving
Dot peen markers for data matrix codes

Dot Peen

  • Permanent, programmable DMC marking at an affordable price
  • Benchtop, hand-held, combo, and integrated configurations
  • A common choice for aerospace components, whether marking to SAE AS478 or a customer-specific standard; check out our industry-leading mobile marking station with tilting head and integrated vision
Dot peen markers for data matrix codes


  • Hand-held, fixed-station, and integrated 2D code readers and verifiers
  • Flexible, reliable solutions for production lines and job shop manufacturing environments

Dapra has more than 35 years of marking and traceability expertise. We pride ourselves in providing a diverse selection of dependable, cost-effective solutions fueled by intuitive, powerful software and backed by industry-leading training and support. Whatever your data matrix requirements are, chances are we have hands-on experience with marking, reading, and verifying the relevant spec.

If you're looking for a partner who will take the time to discuss your application, set you up with the best technology for the job, and support you from installation to training and ongoing tech support, you've come to the right place. Contact us using this form for a free application review or system demo. Or, click here to find your local sales rep.

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Industry Specifications & Guidelines – Data Matrix Codes

International Standards

  • ISO/IEC 16022 – Bar Code Symbology Specification – Data Matrix
  • ISO/IEC 15415 – Bar Code Print Quality Test Specification – Two-Dimensional symbols

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Standards

  • B-1 – Bar Code Symbology Standard
  • B-4 – Parts Identification and Tracking Application Standard
  • B-13 – 2D Symbology White Paper
  • B-14 – Guidelines for use of Two-Dimensional Symbols with the B-10 Trading Partner Labels
  • B-17 – 2D Direct Parts Marking Guideline

U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD) Standards

  • MIL-STD-130 – Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property

Air Transport Association (ATA) and International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) Standards

  • ATA Spec 2000 Chapter 9 – Automated Identification and Data Capture
  • AS9132 – Data Matrix (2D) Coding Quality Requirements for Parts Marking

NASA Standards

  • NASA-STD-6002 – Applying Data Matrix Identification Symbols on Aerospace Parts
  • NASA-HDBK-6003 – Application of Data Matrix Identification Symbols to Aerospace Parts Using Direct Part Marking Methods/Techniques

Electronics Industry Association (EIA)

  • EIA 706 – Component Marking
  • EIA 802 – Product Marking

AIM Global

  • AIM DPM-1-2006 – Direct Part Marking (DPM) Quality Guideline