Marking Nameplates, Metal Tags, Labels & Data Plates

Dapra offers a variety of machines to mark and engrave metal tags, name plates and metal banding to your exacting standards. Our machines are capable of automatically marking date codes, serial numbers, graphics, and any alphanumeric characters.

These plates are typically marked in a bench system equipped with a manual tag fixture. For high-production applications, a bench system can be outfitted with an automatic tag feeder.

Dot peen systems are a common choice for nameplate marking, but laser systems are also becoming increasingly popular for this application because their high-contrast marks allow for easy tag reading at any angle. Laser systems can also create crisp, high-contrast marks on colored anodized plates. Dapra can outfit you with the ideal solution, whether it's off the shelf or custom-built around your unique requirements.

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Dapra part marking systems are great for marking:

  • Nameplates
  • Asset and ID tags
  • Military tags
  • Aerospace nameplates
  • Dog tags
  • And much more

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