Marking Nameplates, Metal Tags, Labels & Data Plates

Manufacturers across many industries need to mark nameplates, data plates, metal tags, labels and banding with serial numbers, date codes, logos, graphics and other text/codes.

These plates are typically marked in a bench system equipped with a manual tag fixture. For high-production applications, a bench system can be outfitted with an automatic tag feeder, though nameplates must meet certain parameters for auto feeding. Dapra can outfit you with the ideal solution, whether it's off the shelf or custom-built around your unique requirements.

Popular Machines for Marking Tags, Labels & Nameplates:

Maxim III self-contained bench-top part marking system

Maxim III Bench-Top Dot Peen Marking System

Low-cost bench-top solution for the job shop or batch marking applications. Automatic tag feeder accessory available.

Class 1 Laser Part Marking Workstations

Dapra Class 1 Laser Marking Workstations

Turnkey industrial bench-top fiber laser marking workstations that will hold up to your demanding requirements and provide industry-leading safety. 3 Watt to 100 Watt laser sources and many accessories and options to suit your application.

Bench-Top Pneumatic Part Marking Systems

MK3 Bench-Top Pneumatic Dot Peen/Vibro Peen Marking Systems

Completely self-contained, pneumatically actuated bench-top marking systems featuring an integrated 7" touch-screen programming panel. For high-speed, deep marking.

Bench-mounted scribe marking / part engraving system

BenchScribe Bench-Mounted Scribe Marking System

Scribe marking solution for those who prefer the look to dot marking. Self-contained bench-top part marking system with LCD display controller. Ideal for marking low to medium volumes of parts in a workshop environment.

Flexmark Industrial Part Marking System

Flexmark 2in1 Bench/Hand-Held Dot Peen Marking System

Flexible, economical manual tag marking solution for small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Offers bench and hand-held dot peen marking capabilities with a single tool.

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