Bench-Top Pneumatic Part Marking Machine

Sitel MK3 S50

This completely self-contained, pneumatically actuated bench-top vibro peen / micropercussion part marking system features an integrated 7" touch-screen programming panel. Capable of high-speed and very deep marks.

A electromagnetic version (S70) is also available.

  • Integrated 7" touch-screen programming panel
  • Electro-pneumatic power
  • Dot peen / vibro peen / micropercussion marking technology
  • Three working modes: high-definition, high-speed or high-depth marking
  • Mark all types of metals (including hard metals), plastic and wood
  • Mark flat and curved surfaces, even without rotation of the part
  • Mark variable alphanumeric text, serial numbers, date and time, logos, drawings, data matrix codes and more
  • Connections: Ethernet, USB, RS-232/485 serial, digital I/O opto-isolated 24 VDC
  • A variety of punches are available, including: standard 90° angle, 60° angle, 120° angle, Data Matrix, diamond, plastic, wood

Complete S50 system includes: bench-top marking machine with integrated touch-screen programming panel; Sitel "stamper 2.0" PC software; lower side protection shutter.

  • Marking area: 5.1" x 3.9" (130mm x 100mm)
  • Software: Programmable from the on-board touch-screen panel and the included Sitel “stamper 2.0” PC software
  • Power supply: 6 bar max. (10N/L min.)
  • Punch sizes: 0.1" / 0.5" bore (3mm / 12mm bore), 0.2" / 1" bore (6mm / 25mm bore)
  • Internal memory: 4 GB Micro-SD
  • Mounting plate for attaching metal plates
  • "Start marking" command pedal
  • Bar code reading equipment
  • Mounting column with custom dimensions
  • Rotary axis
  • Punch extension cable

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