Standalone Bench-Top Dot Peen Direct Part Marking System

Maxim III

The Maxim III is a low-cost, flexible dot peen part marking system. Designed and built for marking a wide range of materials from paper and plastics to hardened steels and alloys, it provides exceptional value to handle quick text changes and fast marking cycles at low operating costs. The Maxim III can mark small or large characters in five different font styles, in either linear, arc, or angular formats. It is a completely electric, self-contained marking system well suited for the tough industrial environment, and it is extremely quiet for use in office or inspection areas. Windows software is available, if required.

The Maxim III is a plug-and-play unit equipped with extensive software features to handle most marking applications, including real time/date, serialization, digital I/O, RS-232, password protection, part counters and logos. It conforms to current CE/EMC standards. It is manufactured under ISO 9001 accreditation and utilizes proven, low-stress dot peen technology.

  • LCD (Self-contained) or PC (USB) versions available
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Lead-screw drives for best accuracy
  • Electro-mechanical operation – no air required
  • Pneumatic high-amplitude models available – for vibro peen marking that is ideal for deeper marking depth and for marking uneven surfaces up to 0.47" (12mm)
  • Large high-resolution, high-contrast LCD screen
  • Can mark a wide range of materials, up to 62 Rc
  • RS-232 and digital I/O interfaces enable communications with external equipment
  • Linear, angular and circular marking
  • Time/date/shift coding
  • Incremental serialization
  • Part counters
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Internal logo generator (bitmap)
  • Internal memory storage
  • Mark preview and trial run for accurate placement

Complete system includes: marking head, column, base and either Pryor 4000 Series Controller (LCD) or USB Controller (USB).

  • 4" x 3" marking window
  • Character size range from .007" to 2.95" in .007" increments
  • Fonts of 5x7 and 7x9 dot matrix, Varidot, 5x9 SEMI OCR
  • Power input: 230V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
  • Net Weight:
    • Marking Unit with column and base: 28.6 lbs.
    • With LCD 4000 Series Controller: 39.7 lbs.
    • With USB Controller: 34.2 lbs.
  • Automatic tag feeder
  • Rotary device for marking on round parts
  • Magnetic chuck (7" x 4")
  • Remote start/stop box
  • Manual or automatic tag/label hardware
  • Custom fixtures and custom programming

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