Electrochemical Part Marking Heads & Stencil Paper

Carbon Marking Heads:

Carbon electrochemical hand-held marking heads do not oxidize, so their felt pads will typically offer longer service life. These heads are suitable for low- or high-volume applications and can easily be outfitted with an electrolyte reservoir or handle assembly. A wide range of standard and custom sizes are available.

Remote Start Handle (RSH):

This handle features an integrated timer start button, grounding connection and electrolyte reservoir assembly, eliminating the need for a foot switch. For use with the ME3000T and ME3000S kits. Uses standard Carbon Marking Heads or the Saddle Marking Head for curved surfaces.

Saddle Marking Head:

Ideal for marking cylindrical parts on which the mark encompasses 110° or less of the circumference. The head cradles the part and a flexible side arm allows the stencil to wrap around the part, so the complete mark can be made in a single operation. Can be used with the ME3000P Air Jig and Remote Start Handle marking head.

BRSK Disposable Stencils:

These disposable electrochemical marking stencils are well-suited to variable-data applications such as serial numbers and date codes. They are typically used for oxide or light etch marking. Easy-loading cartridge tape widths of 18mm, 24mm and 36mm are available to work with small-footprint thermal stencil printers up to 360 dpi. Our ME3000T and ME3000S printer kits are available in complete BRSK stencil printer packages.

Print on Demand (POD) Thermal Stencils:

POD stencil material is slightly more robust than BRSK stencils. Stencils are produced using Windows software with a 300 dpi thermal printer. Standard stencil width is 4” (106mm).

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