Class 4 Fiber Laser Part Marking Workstations

Dapra Class 4 EQ1 Series

Dapra's Class 4 EQ1 Series fiber laser marking solutions allow you to mark both small and large parts without the limitations of a cabinet. The open-style architecture provides the greatest flexibility and saves you money.

We only offer state-of-the-art industrial direct part marking lasers. On the fiber side, we use the latest solid-state Ytterbium fiber lasers (1060-1080 nm) featuring a powerful and efficient combination of flexible fiber delivery, high peak power and excellent beam quality. If your application requires a DPSS laser, we can help you with that as well. We offer a full range of lasers and can help you determine which is right for you. Call us today.

Eyewear and other safety restrictions are required when operating Class 4 systems.

Dapra's EQ1 Class 4 laser series ships with a powerful, intuitive laser software suite that allows you to quickly and easily mark:

  • Serial numbers
  • Date codes
  • Logos and graphics
  • Linear, angular and radial text
  • Data Matrix codes
  • UID and UDI syntax
  • QR codes
  • Linear barcodes

Offering includes: The standard Dapra Class 4 laser marking component offering is provided with a 1/2" thick aluminum baseplate that measures 18" x 24". The plate is drilled and tapped with 1/4-20 holes that are on 1" centers. A manual Z column is provided that allows for 12" of travel.

Choice of Laser Sources:

Z-Axis Options:

  • Programmable Z: 12" travel standard with 100 mm marking window
  • Manual Z: 12" travel standard with 100 mm marking window

Maximum Part Height:

4i Series Lasers – 4i Series Layout Drawing (PDF):

  • 163 Lens – 100 x 100 mm marking window – max. 15" tall
  • 254 Lens – 170 x 170 mm marking window – max. 12" tall
  • 330 Lens – 205 x 205 mm marking window – max. 8" tall

5d Series Lasers – 5d Series Layout Drawing (PDF):

  • 160S Lens – 100 x 100 mm marking window – max. 16" tall
  • 254S Lens – 140 x 140 mm marking window – max. 12" tall
  • 330S Lens – 140 x 140 mm marking window – max. 5" tall
  • Rotary D-axis for marking round parts – standard and heavy-duty options (click here to download data sheet PDF)
  • Industrial fume extractors
  • Programmable Z-axis
  • 2D, UID and 1D barcode readers and verifiers
  • Laser barriers
  • Optional F-theta lenses (marking fields)
  • Steel work tables
  • Custom configurations for taller parts, larger baseplates and marking windows
  • Laser-safe goggles
  • On-site laser training

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