Software for Digital Electrochemical Part Marking Stencil Creation

UMS Label Direct & EnLabel Software

Windows-based software programs are available for easy electrochemical marking stencil creation. Though not all applications require software for stencil production, these programs are very valuable for variable marking and Data Matrix applications. Please contact us to discuss the best package to fit your needs.

Label Direct Electrochemical Marking Stencil Creation Software:

This powerful, yet easy-to-use WYSIWYG program creates layouts for TTP thermal printers and thermal stencil material. It communicates with the printer directly, simplifying your settings and eliminating the need for a Windows printer driver.

  • Supports straight-line or radial text layout
  • Data Matrix codes can be combined with other elements to create data strings for aerospace applications
  • Supports many variable data types, including automatic incremental numbering, date/time, serial numbers, graphics and Data Matrix codes
  • Import data from .xls, .mdb, .csv, Paradox and Lotus files – easy database integration with powerful search, filter and SQL queries
  • Stencils output using a 300 dpi thermal printer (2”, 4” or 8”) with cutter

EnLabel Electrochemical Marking Stencil Creation Software:

This fully featured stencil and label printing software connects to and easily supports multiple printers. Print via a TSC thermal printer/paper or use TF Die Impression paper with a 24-pin dot matrix printer.

  • Supports a wide range of data input options, including: keyboard data entry, automatic incremental numbering and serial numbers, database integration, barcode scanner, time/date stamps
  • Capable of 1D and 2D barcode printing, including aerospace standards and GS1 medical format
  • Add simple graphics: straight lines, rectangles and ellipses
  • Import graphic files for printing
  • Supports straight-line/angled and radial text

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