Digital Electrochemical Direct Part Marking Systems

UMS Print on Demand (PODS) Kits

UMS digital Demand Direct Part Marking Systems offer all the benefits of electrochemical marking, with the advanced ability to mark variable information such as sequential serial numbers, 2D Data Matrix codes, logos, graphics and multiline text. This is achieved using a unique high-quality, disposable thermal stencil paper and a full-featured software program. The key to the PODS's success is its versatility: it enables permanent, stress-free marking of a wide range of components and metal types with a single system.

  • Low cost
  • Instantly create stencils on demand
  • User-friendly Windows™-based software
  • Mark flat or curved components
  • Variable system can also mark many different metals
  • Oxide or below-surface etch marking – or a combination of a light etch and black oxide in a single operation for greater permanency (ME3000T only)
  • Barcode input (barcode reader optional)
  • Produce Data Matrix codes to meet UID and Mil-STD-130 M standards

A variety of kits are available to meet your specific needs and budget. ME3000T, ME3000S and M3000 B kits include: one HM hand marking head with spare grid packs; one carbon marking head with spare felt pads; cords; earthplate; fuse for 220-240v use; USB cable (ME3000T only); foot switch (not included with ME3000B); four 125ml electrolyte bottles of your choice; one stencil; one box of die-impression stencil paper or BRSK tape cartridge (for BRSK printer kits).

ME3000S Standard Electrochemical Marking Kit: Best suited to consistently marking the same metal, since marking settings cannot be stored. Includes a timer for consistent marks. Three voltage settings with LED indicator. Electronic overload/reset function. 10 amp output. 110-230 V input voltage.

ME3000T Advanced Electrochemical Marking Kit: Our most versatile and popular kit includes advanced features such as: 15 user-definable programs, with 11 preset for common materials/applications; USB connectivity to download/upload settings from a PC; twin-line LCD display; and combined marking option for a light etch followed by a black oxide mark in one operation.

ME3000B Basic Electrochemical Marking Kit: Suitable for low-volume marking applications. Lacks timer functionality – the operator must manually time the marking cycle to ensure mark consistency.

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