Electrolyte Solutions for Electrochemical Part Marking

Aerospace-Approved Electrolytes

Proper electrolyte selection is critical in determining electrochemical mark quality. Dapra supplies a range of electrolytes for marking on most metals, with a variety of approved high-purity electrolytes for Aerospace and Nuclear marking applications. Electrolytes requiring neutralizing are supplied in a handy “Neutrawipe” dispenser. All electrolytes are water-based and full material safety data sheets are available on request.

Download our electrolyte selection chart for assistance, or contact us for help selecting the best solution for your application.

Aerospace-Approved, Water-Based Electrolytes

Electrolyte CodePart Number – 1 liter bottlePart Number – 6 x 125 ml bottles
MA1ma01ma01 - 125
MA2ma02ma02 - 125
MA3ma03ma03 - 125
MA4ma04ma04 - 125
MA5ma05ma05 - 125
MA6ma06ma06 - 125

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