CNC Machine Scribe Marking Tools

Gravostar R/RM Series

R/RM series CNC direct part marking tools from Gravostar scribe mark parts directly within conventional machining centers and CNC lathe milling systems. This allows for the manufacturing and marking of parts to take place within a single workflow – each part leaves the milling machine already equipped with the desired mark. These tools typically create finer marks than their vibro peen / micropercussion counterparts.

  • Permanently mark flat, round or uneven parts directly in conventional machining centers and CNC lathe milling systems
  • No needle drive is required – parts are marked by a practically wear-free, spring-loaded carbide needle
  • Standard scribe tools are available
  • Mark alphanumeric text, symbols and logos
  • Standard tools feature a 20mm shank shaft dia. and infinitely adjustable marking pressure
  • Compact (20mm shank shaft dia., with two degrees of marking pressure) and ultra-compact (12mm shaft dia., suited to very fine markings) are also available
  • Can be used with or without spindle revolution speed
  • Automatic compensation of uneven surfaces to be marked:
    • Ultra-compact models (RM-12) – up to 3mm
    • Compact models (RM-20) – up to 4mm
    • Standard models (R-20) – up to 6mm
  • Mark materials with a hardness up to approx. 62 HRC.

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