Portable Pneumatic Part Marking System

Sitel MK3 P50

This compact, portable pneumatically actuated part marking machine weighs just 8.2 lbs., making it easily transportable to mark large, heavy parts that cannot be easily brought to a fixed station for marking. Capable of high-speed, very deep marking. A high-performance model is available (MK3 X50) for marking metals that will be subjected to surface treatments (varnishing, sandblasting and galvanizing), such as frames, tanks, pipes and heavy structures.

  • Integrated 7" touch-screen programming panel; X50 features a remote 7" touch-screen programming box
  • Electro-pneumatic power
  • Dot peen / vibro peen / micropercussion marking technology
  • Three working modes: high-definition, high-speed or high-depth marking
  • Mark all types of metals (including hard metals), plastic and wood
  • Mark flat and curved surfaces, even without rotation of the part
  • Mark variable alphanumeric text, serial numbers, date and time, logos, drawings, data matrix codes and more
  • Connections: Ethernet, USB, RS-232/485 serial, digital I/O opto-isolated 24 VDC
  • A variety of punches are available, including: standard 90° angle, 60° angle, 120° angle, Data Matrix, diamond, plastic, wood

Complete P50 system includes: portable marking machine with integrated touch-screen programming panel; Sitel "stamper 2.0" PC software; height-adjustable magnetic support base; cylindrical part marking adapter; lower side protection shutter.

  • Marking area: P50 – 4.3" x 1.2" (110mm x 30mm); X50 – 5.1" x 1" (130mm x 25mm)
  • Software: Programmable from the on-board touch-screen panel and the included Sitel “stamper 2.0” PC software
  • Marking head weight: P50 – 8.2 lbs. (3.7 kg); X50 – 16.5 lbs. (7.5 kg)
  • Power supply: Pneumatic 6 bar max. (5N/L min. P50, 20N/L min. X50); 90 to 264 VAC (50 / 60Hz) 40 W
  • Punch size: P50 – 0.1" / 0.5" bore (3mm / 12mm bore); X50 – 0.2" / 1" bore (6mm / 25mm bore)
  • Internal memory: 4 GB Micro-SD
  • Column for fixed bench-top use
  • Bar code reading equipment
  • Support base with high holding electromagnets for marking in a vertical position

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