Class 1, 4-Axis Fiber Laser Part Marking Workstations

Technomark Graphix

Dapra's versatile Graphix Class 1 fiber laser marking workstations are designed to mark parts and components of various shapes and sizes, from low volumes to large batches.

  • 10 W or 20 W fiber laser power source
  • Compact, self-contained Class 1 enclosure
  • 4-axis marking capability with generous marking window and part locating surface
  • Electric Z-axis provides 300mm (11.8”) of adjustable vertical positioning – ideal for complex parts with multiple marking locations
  • Turnkey workstation includes the laser source, lens, focal and electronic control system
  • Two-position manual door for easy loading/unloading of parts
  • Optional side opening for marking long parts
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Simple, intuitive Windows™-based GUI laser software
  • Mark alphanumeric text (linear, angular and radial), drawings, logos, geometric shapes, data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers and much more
  • Mark on plastics and metals (High Speed Steel, Carbide, Nickel Alloys, Stainless, Aluminum)
  • Optional rotary axis allows for easy marking around diameters
  • Class 4 inline systems are also available

Complete system includes: electric Z-axis; marking controller (laser source + PC); marking head; marking head; interior lighting (LED); two-position manual door with interlock and viewing window; Technomark Graphix Pro software.

ParameterGraphix 10Graphix 20
Nominal Power> 10 W> 20 W
Pulse Energy (Max.)0.5 mJ1.0 mJ
Peak Power (Max.)5 kW10 kW
Modulation20 to 100 kHz
Laser SourcePulsed fiber laser
Pulse Width100 ns
Wavelength1050 to 1080 nm
CoolingAir cooling
Aiming & Focus BeamSemiconductor laser, 630 to 670 nm
Lens ConfigurationF-Theta: 160S
Marking Area: 100 x 100mm
Working Distance: 184mm
  • Filter/fume extractor systems
  • Rotary device for marking around diameters
  • Monitor / keyboard / mouse
  • Monitor support
  • Side access door for longer parts

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