Pneumatic Grinding Spindles

Spindles for grinding, brushing, drilling, deburring and countersinking, plus oscillating drives

  • Oil-free operation means that there is no oil mist on the part
  • High speeds, tailored to each spindle, guarantee a perfect grinding and milling pattern
  • High concentricity
  • Low noise

Dapra offers a wide variety of pneumatic spindle types:

  • Grinding vane motors (operate with lubricated compressed air), 6 bar
  • Grinding oil-free turbine motors, 6 bar
  • Grinding oil-free vane motors, 6 bar
  • Pneumatic spindles for brushing and drilling, 6 bar
  • Pneumatic spindles with angle head, 6 bar
  • Pneumatic drills for deburring and countersinking, 6 bar
  • Oscillating drives with swash plate drive, 6 bar
  • Oscillating drives with piston motor, 6-8 bar

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