Datamark Dot Peen & Fiber Laser Marking Solutions

We’re always on the lookout for new technology that makes direct part marking and traceability easier and more affordable for our customers. From their thoughtful design to extremely user-friendly software and outstanding value proposition, we're excited to introduce you to a line of dot peen and fiber laser markers from our newest partner, Spanish manufacturer Datamark Systems.

Datamark's Portfolio Includes:

MP Mobile series cordless hand-held dot peen markers

MP Mobile Series

  • Cordless, battery-operated, hand-held dot peen markers
  • A truly portable marking solution
  • Control with your Android/iOS mobile device or Windows PC
  • Three marking window options
FL series fiber laser markers

FL Series Laser Markers

  • Economical, yet dependable option for laser marking
  • 20, 30 and 50 watt lasers
  • Class 4 and integrated offerings
  • Includes intuitive, fully featured Windows software
MP Portable series pneumatic, hand-held markers

MP Portable Series

  • Pneumatic, hand-held dot peen markers
  • Industrial touchscreen controller or Windows software
  • Ideal for creating deep, permanent marks
  • Two marking window options
MP Combo series portable/bench part markers

MP Combo Series

  • Combination portable/benchtop solution for the ultimate in marking flexibility
  • Quick, no-tools changeover
  • Choose any Mobile or Portable series marker to pair with our robust column/base for benchtop marking
MP-120 Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Station

MP-120 Advanced Electric

  • Benchtop dot peen station for precision marking of small- to medium-sized parts
  • Touchscreen controller or Windows software
MP Integrated series dot peen markers

MP Integrated Series

  • Compact, powerful pneumatic dot peen systems with mountable touchscreen controller for marking within production lines and manufacturing cells
  • Two marking window options

Dapra is the exclusive North American distributor for Datamark Systems. Want to learn more about this new technology? Follow the links above or contact us below for a consultation or demo. You can also click here to find your local sales rep.

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