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Dot Peen Marking Solutions

  • Permanent marks
  • Economical
  • Low-stress marking
  • Programmable character size and depth
  • Automatic serialization and date coding
Dot Peen Marking System
Inline Dot Peen Marking Solution
M4 Inline Part Marking System M4 Inline
Inline marking system with integrated 16-bus card for industrial traceability. Ideal for automated production lines, manual loading stations and custom-engineered systems.

Multi 4 Dot Peen Marking Solutions
Integrated Modular Dot Peen Marking System Combo 2-in-1 Modular Marking System
Multi 4 I
Combo 2in1
Multi 4 C
Compact and adaptable. Easy to integrate into your existing production lines. Multipurpose, flexible tool can be used to mark both the smallest and the largest pieces.
Hand-Held Modular Dot Peen Marking System Bench-Top Modular Dot Peen Marking System
Multi 4 G
Multi 4 B
Light and fully portable, yet robust. Can be used in workshops as well as outdoors to mark small, medium and large pieces. Permanent marking of small- and medium-sized pieces, whether a single part or mass production.
Multi 4 G -200 Multi 4 B-200 XL
Multi 4 G-200 Multi 4 B-200 XL
Portable and robust for marking large character sizes and multiple lines. Large window for large parts or tags. Great for marking multiple parts.
Pryor Dot Peen Marking Solutions
Maxim III Maxim III USB
Maxim III Maxim III USB
Low-cost solution for the job shop or batch marking applications. Low-cost solution for low volume. Operated by a Windows-based PC.
HandHeld Dot Peen Marking System Multidot 3000 Dot Peen Marking System
HandHeld Multidot 3000
Ideal for taking the marking system to the part or work piece. Advanced, portable solution that is very user-friendly. 4x3 or 6x6 marking window; 2-, 3-, or 4-axis models available. Ideal for marking Data Matrix codes and for precision marking applications.
HandHeld Dot Peen Marking System  
PortaDot 130-30E  
Portable and capable of marking deep marks  

Dapra offers a variety of low-stress, economical permanent Dot Peen marking solutions for direct part marking and identification. Programmable 2-, 3- and 4-axis systems can be provided. We offer Dot Peen marking solutions for use in CNC machines.

The Dot Peen Marker is an electronically controlled marking system that utilizes a tungsten carbide stylus to cold-form dots with a low-stress, accurate compressive force. Alpha-numeric characters of various sizes and depths are formed within a 5x7 or 7x9 matrix. Continuous line character fonts are also available.

Dot Peen is an easily readable marking method that can be used to mark straight, arced or radial inscriptions, on soft or hard materials with flat or uneven surfaces. For accurate traceability and clear, permanent identification, it is the better way to mark.

A wide range of manufacturing industries (including medical, industrial, automotive, aerospace and electronic) utilize the Dot Peen marking system. It provides a clear, cost-effective solution for permanent identification and marking Data Matrix codes.

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